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Tree Relocation in Brisbane

Wondering if that big tree in your yard can be moved? With proper care, even large mature trees can be successfully relocated. For over a decade, Smart Tree Removal Brisbane has safely transplanted hundreds of species. With proper planning and care, even 30 ft trees can thrive in their new home. How do our experts handle the complex process of tree relocation?

First, we gently prune roots and branches over time before the move. This encourages new small feeder roots to grow. We may also prune the canopy so the tree wastes less energy on growth. Slow, cautious root and branch removal is key. When moving day comes, specialised equipment gently lifts and transports the plant. We take great care to keep the root ball intact. Proper soil moisture ensures the roots don’t dry out. Back in the ground, we stake and monitor the tree as it adapts to its new environment. Ongoing watering and fertilisation nurture growth.

Relocation and transplanting require expertise, proper equipment, patience and care. Attempting the move yourself risks irreparable damage. Trust our certified arborists to transplant your beloved tree seamlessly to its new location. With 10+ years in Brisbane and full licensing and insurance, we guarantee your satisfaction.

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7-Step Process

  1. Initial consultation – We meet with you to assess your tree, environment, and relocation goals.
  2. Preparation – We may prune branches or treat the diseased parts beforehand to get them ready for transport.
  3. Root pruning – To encourage new root growth, we’ll methodically prune the roots while keeping the plant intact.
  4. Digging – Our pros use specialised equipment to extract carefully and keep the roots and soil around intact.
  5. Transport – We use equipment like a tree spade to avoid any damage during transit.
  6. Planting – We replant and stabilise it in its new spot, and make sure it receives the soil, water, and sun it needs.
  7. Follow-up care – We provide any necessary aftercare to ensure the tree fully re-establishes itself and thrives.

Benefits of Relocating Healthy Trees

Preserving mature trees keeps their environmental benefits working for you. We can successfully move them to prevent damage during construction or allow for property improvements. Relocation is often cheaper than buying a new fully-grown tree. And it retains its sentimental value, beauty, shade, and other perks you’ve enjoyed. With proper care by experts like us, the transplant process poses very little risk to your plant.

Professional Tree Relocation Services

Signs You Need Tree Relocation

  • It’s in the path of a construction project
  • The roots are interfering with pipes, foundations, or your driveway
  • It’s blocking sunlight from your home or garden
  • It’s too close to your house, power lines, and other utilities.
  • You simply want to change up or improve the look of your landscape
  • It may thrive better in a new spot with different sunlight, drainage, or soil

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