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Palm Tree Removal in Brisbane

Are overgrown palm trees causing you problems? We offer an affordable palm tree removal and cleaning service in Brisbane. Palm trees can look nice, but sometimes they grow too large for your property. Their falling fruits and fronds can make a mess in your yard. Worse, they can damage cars and hurt people. Spiky palm varieties may poke unsuspecting passersby.

Our skilled team specialises in safely cleaning and removing problematic palm trees. We have the right equipment to reach even extremely tall palms. We can take down palms that overwhelm your landscape or endanger your home. Plus, we can trim messy dead fronds to restore your palm’s tidy appearance. With over 10 years of experience, we know how to protect your palm as we work.

After chopping down a palm, we collect all the fallen pieces from your property and the street. We recycle them into usable garden mulch. We leave your yard pristine as if we were never there!

If a palm tree threatens your home or creates safety issues, CALL US. We can remove it without damage, and clean up thoroughly afterwards.

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Our Palm Tree Removal & Cleaning Services

We use trained climbers or a tall cherry picker machine to reach your palms. This allows us to safely provide either removal or maintenance services.

We can offer several options to fix up an unruly palm:

  • Removal: We can chop down the entire palm if it is too big, damaged, or in an inconvenient spot.
  • Cleaning: We prune away old dead fronds, fallen seeds and fruits that look messy. This makes the palm look neat again.
  • Strapping: We can install strong bands to catch falling fronds before they hit the ground. This prevents loose pieces from harming people or objects below.

Our qualified arborists know the latest methods to tackle palm issues of any size. Let us know what affordable tree services you need and we will provide a customized solution!

Palm Tree Removal Service

If your palm tree has grown too large, we can remove it completely. We will chop down palms of any height or width on your Brisbane property.

Our arborists use special tools and equipment to safely take down problem palms. We slowly dismantle the palm to protect your home and yard. We can even grind down what’s left of the trunk and roots after removal.

Getting rid of palms that overshadow your house or bust up your patio is our specialty. Many homeowners try DIY palm removal but fail, damaging their roof or surroundings. Don’t risk injury or expensive repairs! Call our pro palm removal crew for safe, effective results.

Palm Tree Cleaning

Over time, all species of palm trees accumulate old, dying fronds, dropped fruits, and lots of seeds. This palm “litter” looks messy and allows pests to nest.

Our arborists offer expert palm cleaning services for Brisbane homes. We prune away shaggy dead fronds and clear fallen plant debris from the trunk and ground around your palms. Our goal is to restore a tidy, maintained appearance without harming the health of your palms.

Improper palm cleaning can damage the growth point or kill the tree. Our tree specialists know the right palm grooming methods. We have the proper gear and training to clean palms of any height safely. Bring back the beauty of your property by letting us freshen up your unsightly palms.

Why Do Palm Trees Need Cleaning or Removal?

There are many good reasons to call us for professional palm tree care:

  • Overgrown Size: Palm trees often outgrow their planting space. Large wide fronds and falling debris can damage homes.
  • Dying Fronds: Old palm leaves dry up and look ugly. They need regular cleaning out so new growth emerges neatly.
  • Slip Hazards: Rotting palm fruit on the ground are slippery. People may fall and get hurt crossing your yard.
  • Pests and Bats: Ripe palm fruits attract annoying wildlife like bats, rats, and cockroaches who leave smelly droppings.
  • Shade and Roots: As palms grow taller, they cast more shade so nothing can grow nearby. Thick roots often crack driveways and pipes underground.
  • Threats to People: Spiky leaves or heavy falling fronds can poke passersby or strike vehicles. Even the smallest seeds and nuts can sicken kids and pets if eaten.

Don’t live with preventable palm issues! We offer affordable solutions to keep your property looking great and family safe.

Our Palm Tree Removal Process

Removing a mature palm tree takes careful staging for safety. Here are the 7 steps you can expect:

1. Protection Check

We verify no special tree preservation laws apply to your palm. If permits are needed to remove it, we explain the application process.

2. Free Quote

Our arborist surveys your site and situation. Then we provide a detailed quote for you to review. This helps you budget ahead.

3. Risk Assessment

Right before starting, we reexamine the removal plan and remind you what to expect safety-wise. Your property protection is important!

4. Dismantling

Our gear lifts pruning equipment up to palm top. Then we methodically detach palm fronds and trunk chunks working downward.

5. Chipping/Mulching

A powerful shredder chews up the removed pieces into organic mulch you can reuse in landscaping if desired.

6. Stump Grinding

We demolish remaining palm stump and roots. This fully clears space for planting something new.

7. Spotless Cleanup

Every last leaf and fiber gets swept away. We wash down driveways, haul debris. Our goal is to leave zero trace when done!

Remove Hazardous Fronds and Fruits

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