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Stump Grinding Brisbane

Need that annoying tree stump removed from your yard or garden? We specialise in grinding them out quickly. Smart Tree Removal has over 10 years of professional stump grinding experience in Brisbane. Our team is fully licensed and insured.

We tackle tree stumps from residential properties, businesses, parks and footpaths. They can be tiny or huge. It doesn’t matter. Our staff does different grinding jobs daily. We know how to handle them all. From massive to little stumps, we can grind them out smoothly. We leave a clean depression you can replant or fill in.

For reliable, hassle-free stump removal services, call us. Our proficient staff utilises professional equipment to clear them out efficiently.

Click here for your free quote or call 07 3113 9133. Request an assessment of your effective stump grinding service needs from our top Brisbane team.

Reasons You Need To Grind or Remove Tree Stumps

Tree stump left in your yard can ruin your landscape’s curb appeal. But aesthetic issues are not the only reasons to remove them. They pose safety hazards, unwanted tree growth and other risks that make prompt grinding or removal essential.

Potential Risks Posed by Old Stumps:

  • Tripping Hazard – Stumps in walkways or play areas endanger kids and adults. Tripping can cause serious injuries.
  • Regrowth – Seemingly dead stumps may shoot new branches and buds, taking nutrients from soil. Regrowth is unstable and saps landscape health.
  • Rotting and Pests – Decaying stumps harbor termites, ants and fungi like mushrooms. An unaddressed infestation could spread.
  • Obstruction – Large stumps prevent you from fully utilising your property by blocking space for structures, plants or activities.

Our Services in Brisbane

Stump Grinding

Our primary service pulverises unsightly stumps of all sizes into tiny woodchips using powerful grinders. We remove tripping hazards, prevent regrowth, and clear space for new plants.

Root Ball Grinding

We extract the entire stump root system below ground using our grinders to prevent stubborn shoots. This also removes food sources for termites.

Stump Removal

For total elimination, we can dig out and remove the stump remnants after grinding. This allows instant garden bed or turf renovation.

Emergency Storm Response

We promptly respond after extreme weather knocks down trees, removing dangerous leaning stumps.

Council/Park Services

We tackle stump removal on public lands, footpaths, easments, gardens, and recreational areas for local councils.

Brush Clearing

We clear away undesirable scrub, undergrowth, and invasive plants for land prep and hazard reduction.

Different Sized Stump Grinders We Use

We tailor the right grinder to your unique stump removal needs. Our efficient tree stump grinding equipment includes:

Large Stump Grinder

Our heavy-duty, high-powered grinder chews through massive stumps with its sizable grinding wheel. It provides the torque required for big eucalyptus or oak stumps. This machine needs at least 900mm access to reach the stump.

Mid-Sized Grinder

Great for most suburban yards in Brisbane, it has ample strength to grind common stumps but compact enough access through 740mm gates. It easily navigates landscaping features.

Portable Grinder

For grinding stumps in tight spaces like close to walls or fences, our grinder comes in handy. Lightweight and sized like a lawnmower, our operator can lift this machine as needed, even on stairs or over walls. It grinds those hard to access stump.

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

The average price is $120 – $150 per stump removed in the Brisbane area, with larger stump costing more. Rates vary based on size, access, number of stump, and other factors. Contact us for an exact price quote tailored to your specific job.

Why Choose Us?

  • Licensed, Insured Arborists
  • 10+ Years Grinding Expertise
  • Equipment To Handle Any Size Stump
  • Reliable, Quality Service
  • $20 Million Public Liability Cover
  • Competitive Prices
  • Easy Online Booking
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Discreet Workers
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

Where We Provide Tree Stump Grinding

  • Brisbane CBD
  • Greater Brisbane Region
  • Brisbane Northside
  • Brisbane Southside
  • Inner City Suburbs
  • Northern Suburbs
  • Southern Suburbs

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